People's Voice Survey

A high-quality health system optimizes health in a given context by consistently delivering care that improves or maintains health, being trusted by all people, and responding to changing population needs. Health systems are fundamentally for people and need to provide value to people to succeed, yet current health system measures fail to capture people’s view of the health system, including experience of care, confidence, and support for the system.

Aims of the People's Voice Survey

The People’s Voice Survey is a new phone-based survey designed to integrate people’s voices into health system measurement, with a focus on population health needs and expectations as well as people’s perspectives on processes of care and confidence in the system. It will enable rapid assessment of health system performance from the population perspective to inform health system planning.

By bringing people’s perspectives into health system performance measurement, the People's Voice Survey will:

  1. Promote health system accountability and track impact of health system reforms and policies over time
  2. Facilitate comparison of core health system performance domains across countries or regions (see figure below)
  3. Assess health system performance through emerging and ongoing public health priority areas such as COVID-19 or maternal and child health

Core domains: People's Voice Survey

     framework of the people's voice survey

    This figure describes the core domains of the People's Voice Survey: (1) Population characteristics including expectations of care, health care status, and individual characteristics; (2) Processes of care measures including system competency and positive user experience; and (3) Outcome quality measures including health system confidence and endorsement.

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